cube office pod

Our Cube range of garden pods are designed to make not only the perfect all year round work space but can be built to any size and customised to perfectly suite our customers requirements, whether it be a stylish home office or luxurious garden room for relaxation.  Our Pods can also be built to create the perfect annex complete with kitchen and bathrooms or even as a complete brand new home, as all are bespoke made to order the options are endless.

Quality and design are key so when we create our Pods we offer a range of quality cladding options that blend perfectly with the modernist design.  When adding optional upgrades the Pods look is further enhanced, particularly when the aluminium pack and window and door options are selected as this adds a slimmer crisper look that further sets our Pods apart from the crowd.

Rather than use standard height doors all ours are custom made to be full height which dramatically opens up the space adding to the contemporary desgin. As standard we include all ground work which includes excavating so the Pod floor is at a similar height to the ground level, this allows us to build taller ceilings and still be under the 2.5m tall permitted development rules.

Our premium cladding options include Larch & Cedar and can be combined with our fine textured Parex render systems that has a 'self cleaning' lotus leaf dirt repellent coating keeping our Pods looking clean and fresh for years to come.  The Yakisugi cladding provides a bold contemporary look and although dark in the right location can blend the pod perfectly.


The Cube Pods can come fully built from our workshop and lifted into position so installed in a matter of hours.  If access or cost does not allow a crane, our workshop fabricated modular panels can be put together on site which can be finished in under two weeks or less for our smallest Pods.



Cube Pod Standard Pricing:

external pod size, internals vary depending on options but generally reduce by 340mm

Redwood Cladding
Larch Cladding
Cedar Cladding
Yakisugi Cladding
Render Walls