why choose our garden pods


For many years we have been building not only the highest quality bespoke homes but also garden buildings and landscaping projects which have included creating famous gardens and buildings alongside Chelsea Gold Medal Winners.


Over the last three years we have continued to developed our gardens buildings which have been designed not as upgraded garden sheds but as true additions to your home living space that can be built to the same standards required for a new home. All our pods achieve the same thermal requirements as a home extension and we also have a range of pod home extension that can be attached to your home and meet all relevant Building Regulation Requirements.


As part of our product development we studied what our competitors are offering and surprised to see upgraded sheds being offered as well insulated buildings for all year round use but using construction methods that would fall well short of Building Regulation Requirements if attached as a home extension.  If comparing our pods to these building we outperform in all terms, not least of all thermal and structural and anyone considering a garden building for every day use should as a starting point look at the thermal properties.  


Price comparison has show when compared to two large suppliers of garden buildings also covering our West Sussex & Brighton areas we are at a similar or lower pricing level, however our structural frame, insulation, quality of materials and desgin vastly exceeds these offerings in some cases having a three fold better performance.  We believe our attention to detailing and aesthetic design moves our pods away from the commonly seen poorly clad sheds to a building of distinction and quality so sure you will be pleased to have chosen creating-spaces and garden-pods for your new garden room.



As standard we include all ground work which enables us to alter ground levels to allow a much taller internal ceiling height but still conform to permitted development rules of a total 2.5m height.  Internally we provide as standard ceilings with a height of over 7'.  Most other suppliers have a compromised head height a little over the height of a standard 6'6" door which can be claustrophobic. If for any reason lower levels are not an option (ground conditions, drainage or placing over existing hard surface) we can build to the reduced height to conform with Permitted Developments rules. If position allows there is an option to offer up to 9' tall ceilings and still conform to Permitted Development rules ~ as all pods are custom made to order we can make an adjustment in our work shop and build to suite the location. 


As we are able to bespoke design and build any shape, size or style the choice is endless, it is more cost effective to keep within the ranges shown on our site but for a modest amount more to cover our desgin work and development costs we can offer our customers exactly what they are looking for.